About Tricky and Titch

He’s got style, taste and a great sense of humor. He thinks he’s the Boss, and can sometimes be Cheeky, but of course he’s Perfect. He’s no longer quite the Titch he once was, but he’s still a Little Man and the inspiration behind t&t.

Designer Nick Scott and partner Sharon take their style from their roots in London and Montreal. It’s a story of young parents swapping the energy filled lifestyle of London, for the energy filled task of creating Tricky & Titch. After meeting whilst backpacking they developed successful careers in business and design before moving back to Sharon’s roots in Canada. Their style reflects their youthful life experiences and travels, taking the cool and fun of London, and blending it with the style of Montreal.

The collection has a bold, modern feel, and aims to combine a parent’s sense of style with a child’s sense of fun.